The Rise of Imaging For Branded Radio

NOVAZ has just produced a new imaging package for FIAT’s Summer Radio.

Branded radio is becoming more popular, especially in Europe where NOVAZ produced imaging for some successful online stations, like Radio Maliboomboom, related to Pernot Ricard’s Malibu drink.

Now Italian auto manufacturer, and owner of Chrysler; FIAT is the next to launch an online radio station in the Netherlands. Although it takes some time, effort and the right people, branded radio can be an effective way for companies to position their brand into the hearts and minds of their target group.

FAIT Summer Radio will stream this summer online, and can also be heard through the entire Dutch dealer network of FIAT.

It’s a non-stop HOT AC format with news and weather updates at the top and bottom of the hour.

NOVAZ produced jingles, sweepers and promo’s for the station that can be hear now at:

//About the Company

NOVAZ Audio Imaging is a full-service audio design production company, with a dedicated team experienced with the design of some of the biggest Dutch radio stations like 3FM, Caz, Yorin FM, SLAM!FM and Arrow Classic Rock.

The company’s imaging nuts worked with some of the most respected and well known people and companies in the business today.


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