With their new PURE package, Radio Scoop is officially apocalypse-proof

If the world is coming to an end, it’s best to go out with a bang! You won’t be able to stop it… but you surely can whip out a couple of nice jingles to overpower the sounds of impending doom 😉

Oh… plus… in the event the world WON’T stop turning, Radio Scoop will have a nice, 12-cut-strong jingle package to take them well into 2013. Radio Scoop has come to PURE Jingles ever since 2008 for their on-air sound. Experimentation has always been a major component in the collaboration, and ever since the 2011 package Scoop and PURE have zoned in on a style that gives the station a very forward looking feel.

For the current package, Scoop pushed the PURE producers hard to make every cut sound absolutely slammin’. On an average package there are only a couple of rounds of corrections at most. This time around it was very much a question of finding the limits, going WAY past them and scaling things back to get the optimum results. Laurent Ripoll, PD of Radio Scoop, says: “PURE’s done an excellent package. And I love the new TOTH… I’m crazy about it!”

/ About PURE Jingles
PURE Jingles is specialized in creating jingles and branding for CHR and AC stations that need a truly individual sound. Clients are stations such as NRJ (France), KRONEHIT (Austria) and 3FM (Netherlands). www.purejingles.com

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