New Year…New Sound! Wise Buddah re-brand Holland’s Radio 2

Wise Buddah JMI spent the final weeks of 2012 re-branding one of Holland’s most listened to radio stations. The team was tasked to create a package that sounded fresh and contemporary whilst maintaining the core musical identity of one of the country’s largest public radio stations.

The package comprised of 12 Main ID’s, 3 TOH’s plus brand new Information Elements, backsell, teaser and closer IDs.

Radio 2’s Music Manager, Arjan de Ruiter – “At Wise Buddah they understood how to give Radio 2 the sound of ‘today’, without losing the unique identity of Radio 2. Working with them was a real pleasure. They caught the sound of Radio 2 extremely well in our new package. They really understood what we were looking for from the original demo to the final delivery.”

“Dutch radio is such an exciting place for us right now and it was great working with Arjan and everyone at Radio 2. We also worked with a new Dutch vocalist which is always a pleasure! We put a lot of effort into the original pitch and were really delighted when they called us to give us the go ahead to make the package!” (Wise Buddah’s Paul Plant)

To hear the package in full check out the WB JMI website at

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