Ignite Kiss on the air on two stations in Florida

Following on from the Spanish resings of Ignite Kiss for 88 Stereo in Costa Rica, 2 stations in Florida have now picked up the package from Ignite Jingles.

Ignite’s Chris Stevens is very excited about Ignite Kiss travelling around the world!

“We’re now on in three markets in Florida thanks to our colleagues at TM Studios, and it’s so cool to hear the package being played in the Florida sunshine.”

WRLX Mia 92.1 West Palm Beach
Mia 92.1 is a Spanish Clear Channel radio station licensed to the West Palm Beach, Florida market.

WRUM La Rumba Orlando
La Rumba broadcasts to Orlando playing reggaeton music, latin pop and Salsa music.

Ignite Jingles are represented in the US by TM Studios.

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  2. June 12, 2014

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