Ignite Kiss – airing on 40 stations worldwide

It’s unstoppable! Ignite Kiss is now on over 40 stations worldwide… from Manchester UK to New Jersey USA, from Lisbon in Portugal to Beirut, Mexico, Spain and beyond!

Ignite Jingles are happy to tweak the package to match every client’s wishes. From a Spanish vocal group for stations in Mexico and Florida, to a completely different sonic logo for Gaydio in the UK, we always want to make sure that your jingles are perfect for your music and style.

“Contemporary, modern and sung brilliantly to fit our frequency and name. Our TSA is the 3rd busiest in the Country, and these help us really cut through. Stand out, or die; as someone once said!” says Simon Grundy, Programme Director at Sun FM which picked up the package recently.

Let Ignite Jingles know what we can do to make Ignite Kiss the perfect jingle package for your CHR or Hot AC radio station by contacting Chris Stevens. In the USA they’re represented by the gang at TM Studios.

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