Blazin’ launch package for ANTENNE FRANKFURT 95.1

Luckily, it was a Monday and not a Friday! On May 13th, 2013, radio listeners in Frankfurt were able to wake up with a brand new music & service station, and a contemporary imaging sound from PURE Jingles.

Hot AC ‘ANTENNE FRANKFURT 95.1’ is a brand new station for the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region – Germany’s second-largest metropolitan area with a population of over 5.5 million. A crowded market, where several big national stations dominated the ratings for years due to the lack of a strong local station for Frankfurt, the heart of Europe’s financial sector. One more reason to invest in a great on-air sound to launch the new brand.

Their search for an urban and contemporary package led ‘ANTENNE’ to PURE Jingles, where they’ve made their personal choice from the JingleBox – a constantly refreshed top selection of logo-customizable jingle themes for AC, Hot AC and CHR, covering all main music genres. “As the JingleBox includes anything from Pop and Rock to Dance and Urban, we were able to pick exactly those cuts that both mirror our playlist and reflect our desired image of a modern brand”, says program director Andreas Schmidt.

The broadcast area of ANTENNE FRANKFURT intersects with that of other stations who run a PURE Jingles package. Even if these have different formats or mainly serve adjacent markets, the production company did a casting to find different vocal sound. “Like every person, every station is an individual”, creative director Diederick Huizinga explains PURE’s philosophy. “We always try to create an exclusive ‘station DNA’ – whether it’s a custom-made or a re-sing package – and for this, choosing the right singers is just as important as finding a good logo.”

ANTENNE FRANKFURT’s main shareholder is The Radio Group, which operates radio brands in 19 German cities. General manager Stephan Schwenk sees a lot of good things on the horizon: “With a strong frequency in this major market, as well as a good format, a talented team and PURE Jingles on the air, our new metro station is ready for a prosperous future.” Check the demo for highlights from the package, or listen online via

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