MNM moves Fast Forward with Brandy Jingles

BRANDY JINGLES, jingle producer and radio consultant operating from the capital of Europe, just released FAST FORWARD.

Fast Forward, custom made for MNM, is a 2-in-1 jingle package. It’s ideally suited for a station that mainly targets a young demographic during prime time and programs much broader outside of those hours.

The jingles go well with a large musical playlist yet retain a consistent sound.

The 15 basic cuts feature a transparent, modern and catchy feel. And an authentic vocal sound, just like in the previous Mix N Match packages. Many cuts have been remixed or especially adapted to work even better with the edgiest current songs. The package is completed with a new set of drones and service beds.

Check out the package on the Brandy website here.

It’s already the third successive custom made jingle package produced by Brandy for Belgium’s public youth station. Every day MNM reaches a diverse audience thanks to its mix of hit music and information that’s specifically tailored for its target demo. MNM reaches a market shared of approx. 10% (CIM August 2013)

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