3P sound for P3

Progressive, Powerful and Passionate! Denmark’s leading radio station, P3, had exactly this in mind for their new on-air sound from PURE Jingles.

2013 was a special year for the Danish public broadcaster’s music channel, as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. P3’s commissioning editor (and former morning show presenter) Henrik Povlsen has seen the station for young Danes evolve. “Over the years we’ve developed from a traditional ‘journalist radio station’ to a more progressive media brand that features public service content in new ways.”

He explains why P3 is not a typical CHR station. “We combine Top 40 songs with Alternative and Hip Hop, with a big focus on new Danish music. The same goes for what we do in between the music – funny stuff, serious news, and music related content could all easily be presented in one show.” According to the latest ratings, P3 reaches almost half of the Danish population and two third of its 20-39 year-old target audience every week. In this market of 5.6 million people, the station has an overall market share of 21% (and 44% within its target group).

Despite the great ratings, P3 wants to keep innovating. In a quest for a new on-air sound, they came to PURE Jingles. “Our sound DNA needed a brush-up. We wanted a new approach where we would not sound like ‘commercial radio’ and not like ‘public service’ either. Something in between”, Povlsen says. Their custom-made package consists of 10 Main Themes in several different versions, jock & show imaging, power intros, and regular updates. “With our new DNA, we are up to date and able to constantly develop our sound over the next years.”

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