What a Feeling! New Wise Buddah Jingles for Gem 106

Orion Media’s Gem 106 has launched a brand new custom ID package produced by Wise Buddah. Comprising 6 main IDs, plus show cuts for Breakfast, Floorfillers and Back to the 80s, the uplifting cuts are designed to reflect the best of today’s Adult Contemporary artists from Katy Perry to Bruno Mars, whilst also being able to sit comfortably next to the classic hits of the 80s and 90s.

David Lloyd, Group Editorial Director, Orion Media – “Once again Wise Buddah have risen to the challenge with great work for Gem 106. It shines through on air and does the job, whilst complementing what we do.

Produced painlessly too – with WB’s typical efficiency – and tolerance of all those last minute thoughts!”

Paul Plant, Director, Wise Buddah Jingles – “It’s always such an effortless pleasure working with David and the Team at Orion Media.

These new cuts sit perfectly with the eclectic and uplifting playlist of Gem 106, and we’re proud of our heritage with one of the UK’s best commercial radio brands.”

The package comprises 11 new cuts as Full Mix, Ramp, Instrumental and Shotguns. To listen to the package in full, just click here.

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