Wise Buddah Jingles for Die Neue 107.7

In the Summer of 2014, DIE NEUE 107.7 in Stuttgart, Germany, came to Wise Buddah in search of a fresh, new sound. The Team at the station chose to re-sing a selection of cuts from various Wise Buddah packages, including Gem 106, Boom 973 and Radio Veronica. They also commissioned 5 new 1 minute long Breakfast Show Themes. The result? The launch of the new sound of Die Neue 107.7, from Wise Buddah Jingles.

Bert Helbig, Programme Director, Die Neue 107.7 – “The challenge was to push a well-known brand a step further without running the risk of losing our identity. Wise Buddah understood exactly what we needed. We were able to combine the cuts, which fit perfectly to the wider variety of music styles we now play. We also commissioned a custom-made news opening. The whole process, and above all the vocal session, were perfectly prepared, totally focused, very creative and productive, and a lot of fun! Our special wishes for the morning show jingles (inspired by the Paul Foster Breakfast Show) as well as the work on the energy of some cuts were expertly carried out. Thank you.”

Paul Plant, Director, Wise Buddah- “For DIE NEUE 107.7, the challenge was simple. We had to maintain their heritage brand identity, whilst developing a fresh, energetic new sound. We composed a new 9-note sonic logo to keep the energy of the cuts high, and we chose a selection of jingles that complimented each other whilst reflecting the eclectic range of the Die Neue 107.7 playlist. We flew the singers in from Germany so that we could record vocals in our London studio, and we’re delighted that Bert could join us. Overall – we are sehr glücklich!”

The package comprises 8 Main IDs, Ramps and Shotguns, as well as News, Traffic, Weather, TOH and Breakfast Show themes.

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  1. April 21, 2015

    […] the German station Die Neue 107.7 have a brand new sound. Wide Buddah have delivered a re-sing of cuts from packages including Gem 106, Boom 973 and Radio Veronica, reports jinglenews.com. […]

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