Bayern 1 partners with Brandy Jingles

‘The best music for Bavaria’ get a makeover with an AC package produced by Brandy Jingles. 13 transition cuts from the broad Brandy catalogue were customised and given a friendly vocal sound. These are the first sung tracks that the Belgian jingle producer has made for the German market. Brandy has previously developed the sound design for DRadio Wissen.

Bayern 1 (one of the 7 radio stations of the Bayerische Rundfunk) chose Brandy following a competition among a wide selection of European jingle companies. The distinctly musical approach, and experience with both public and commercial stations in an international context, played an important role in the selection process.

Tobias Prager (head of production and sound design at Bayern 1): “From the very beginning we liked the demos from Brandy, especially because of the variety of music styles. And their selection of German singers created a real nice blend with the music. Now after a very professional production, the result is clearly proving that we made the right choice.”

The package consists almost exclusively of jingles that facilitate tempo switches. They’ve been selected from various packages for Radio 2, JOEfm, 4FM and VivaCité. Each cut includes the familiar Bayern 1 logo. The jingles needed to be vibey and have punch, while also sounding friendly and matching the format harmoniously. Listen to them here!

Tom Van der Biest (creative director Brandy): “It was quite a production challenge to combine cuts from so many different packages, tweak them musically and define a new German vocal sound – all in 1 package. But Tobias knew exactly what he wanted, so we had a smooth and straight ride from the initial briefing to final delivery. Ganz toll!”

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