NRK Radio Super (Norway) 2014 Jingles

NRK Radio Super is a children’s channel from the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK, broadcasting on DAB+, internet radio and mobile. They recently had a new jingle package produced by Cannavo & Nesse, two of the best electronic dance music producers in Norway.

NRK realised that the oldest children don’t want to listen to “childish” stuff on radio. So they made imaging that actually matches the current music children are listening to, the same music that is played on NRK Radio Super. That’s why NRK went to two of Norway’s best EDM (electronic dance music) talents Erik Cannavo and Chris Nesse. Cannavo & Nesse created a world class jingle package that NRK are very proud of.

NRK Radio Super are aimed at children in different ages at different parts of the day, so the imaging has a varied expression customized for the oldest children (around 12), the ones a little bit younger (around 7) and the youngest radio listeners, but you can hear that they all come from the same jingle package.

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