Norway’s NRK P1 gets ReelWorld makeover

NRK P1 in Norway have launched a brand new sound courtesy of the team at ReelWorld – the culmination of an intensive six month creative process involving the Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship radio brand, NRK P1, is Norway’s biggest radio station with a market share consistently around 45%. Over a third of the population tune in each week to the station’s mix of music, speech content, drama and comedy.

The relationship between NRK P1 and ReelWorld began after a competitive pitch process in which the broadcaster tried to find a branding solution that was both fresh and reflected the station’s heritage.

In January, the ReelWorld team travelled to a freezing Oslo to take the briefing for what would become a 16 theme jingle package covering multiple music genres. ReelWorld’s composers then began the process of writing each individual theme ahead of recording the package with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in Oslo in early spring.

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, NRK’s very own 53-piece orchestra, performed the themes at NRK’s Oslo headquarters adding a level of gravitas and confidence to the compositions.

At the same time ReelWorld undertook an extensive vocal search to find the right voices for the new jingle package. Three Norwegian singers were selected to track the vocals and create a sophisticated and memorable sound.

Vidar Brennodden is Imaging Director for NRK Radio: “From the outset ReelWorld understood NRK P1’s values and have delivered a jingle package that suits our station perfectly. The quality of the production is at the highest level with the team painstakingly paying close attention to the smallest details.

The sound of The Norwegian Radio Orchestra adds a feeling of grandness that befits Norway’s biggest radio station very well. The reception of this jingle package has been overwhelming, from our presenters and producers to, most importantly, our listeners.”

Anthony Gay, ReelWorld’s Managing Director: ‘We were honoured to be invited to redefine the sound of such an important and established Norwegian brand. It’s been a pleasure to help the station evolve their sound to something that both reflects the station’s history and life in Norway in 2016.”

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