News Radio Imaging with CHR Flavour for BNR

Fresh from the Capital of Media studios and ready to air on your station: BNR Newsradio 2015. On January 5th Holland’s biggest commercial news station, BNR, had the kickoff of their new custom made ‘CHR flavored’ jingle package by Capital of Media. The package comprises 20 jingles, beds and bumpers.

Sjors Fröhlich, editor in chief BNR Newsradio: “I’ve known Anthony Timmers for a long time. We did several projects together so I know Anthony is a freak when it comes to sound and radio. That’s the reason why we had great confidence in asking Capital of Media to produce the new station identity package for BNR Newsradio. Being the biggest commercial news station in Holland, the soundlogo and jingles are very important to us. BNR wants to be an urgent, fast and modern news station. You can hear that in our formats and our anchors. And from this year, you can also hear that in our jingles. We are very proud of our new sound. Thank you, Capital of Media. It’s been great working with you.”

Jeffrey Hermans, format producer BNR Newsradio: “Working with Capital of Media was fantastic. The package has become exactly what we want. What I liked so much about the cooperation is that Anthony and his team always think with the client and are not afraid to give their opinion on proposed ideas, this can only result in benefits for the product. Along with the love for audio at Capital of Media, this has resulted in a great jingle package! 2015 could not start better!”

Listen to the 20 unique cuts montage on our SoundCloud above, and many extras can be found on the complete new

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