TM Studios PURE AC Updating Jingles

TM Studios is the market leader in branding AC radio. PURE AC is the next step in the evolution of Adult Contemporary radio jingles. It is also one of their “TM TRUE UPDATE” benchmark products. PURE AC is available in the UK and Ireland via Ignite Jingles.

TM True Update

TM True Update

PURE AC launches with 14 cuts and then quarterly updates with fresh tracks and new vocals every time. As the seasons change so do your jingles! It also comes in two variations – Brighter or Lighter. Both provider a different flavor for today’s AC radio stations. Pure AC will get you everything you need and more!

The Brighter incarnation was specifically designed for more aggressive AC stations and was launched with the assistance of Kris Abrams at KMGA (99.5 Magic FM) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Lighter version heard below suits the traditional AC stations and first aired on WWLI (Light Rock 105) Providence by Brian Demay (Programme Director). He said; “What I have learned working with TM is that nothing is impossible. From beginning to end, these tracks were like my babies, and I watched them grow up into the sound that I believe is exactly what today’s Adult Contemporary is. Here’s the best part: this package includes regular updates, even Christmas tracks, so it will always sound fresh and new. Enjoy!”

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