Ryan on the Radio features Anthony Gay

Anthony Gay is an award winning programmer and producer with over 20 years experience at some of the UK’s biggest commercial radio stations. He started his career at Birmingham’s BRMB where he produced the news and sports output and went onto be Programme Director at Hallam FM, Key 103 Manchester, The Hits UK, Smash Hits Radio, and Rock FM.

Over the last two years he has led ReelWorld’s growing activities in Europe creating jingle and imaging solutions from stations including Kiss UK, KRONEHIT, 104.6 RTL Berlin, and Fun Radio.

For episode 77 of The Producers Podcast, Ryan Drean speaks radio and imaging with Anthony. Take a listen at ryanontheradio.com

Anthony Gay is the guest this time and he is a big whig over at ReelWorld Europe. Officially he is the Managing Director at ReelWorld, in Europe. I like to discuss Radio Imaging from all angles and one of those angles is from the side of the programmer/manager/boss types. We will dive into Anthony’s programming acumen in-show but let’s just say he’s been around and has a very attractive resume.

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