Proud to be KFM’s Imaging Partner

KFM, the most listened to radio station in the county Kildare (Ireland), picked 10 cuts from Brandy’s Kickoff, Hot Kick & The Kick jingle packages.

The new KFM jingles were originally produced for ONEfm in Switzerland. The cuts attract a lot of attention from stations all over the world due to their strong and recognizable logo melody and contemporary music tracks.

The KFM package is Brandy’s first production for the Irish market. It was Robbie Dunbar, the station’s imager, who got enthusiastic after making his selection via the new Brandy website.

And Clem Ryan, the KFM CEO, is very grateful for his discovery. “Thanks to Brandy for the top class service provided. The turnaround time for the final product, attention to detail and immediate response to any queries we had was excellent. KFM is looking forward to dealing again with Brandy in the future. Superb service and a super product.”

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