The Sky’s the Limit for Pirate FM

The UKRD’s Pirate FM has returned to Wise Buddah Jingles for a third time. They take the step from AC to Hot AC, and have chosen to re-sing Wise Buddah’s Sky Radio 2014 package.

“The Sky Radio jingles are exactly what we needed. A nice, upbeat package with beefy vocals for the station that reaches the beaches and rules the pools!” James Dundon, Station Producer at Pirate FM.

Phil Tozer, Production Manager at Wise Buddah Jingles added: “Pirate FM have transitioned from AC to a more contemporary, modern Hot AC sound… and as many radio stations around the world are realising, the Sky Radio 2014 package is the perfect fit for that transition.”

The new Sky Radio package comprises 13 Custom IDs, Ramps and Shotguns.

To hear the Sky Radio or Pirate FM package in the clear, visit

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