Fuzion: A new form of audio branding

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience creating groundbreaking jingles and imaging for the biggest stations across the globe, ReelWorld redefines the sound of station branding yet again with a new hybrid style called Fuzion.

Introducing Fuzion | As Heard on Kiss UK from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

Fuzion pairs the sonic impact of imaging with the proven melodic recall of a sung vocal to create truly unique short-form station IDs.

ReelWorld Europe Managing Director Anthony Gay says,

“The line between jingles and imaging has blurred in recent years and Fuzion is the result of our experimentation on that line. Cutting-edge sound design combines with vocals to deliver a hook that takes imaging to another level. It’s the best of both worlds, a genuine game-changer in audio branding. I can’t wait to hear this land around the world.”

Fuzion has already debuted on select stations around the globe. Andy Roberts, Programme Director for Kiss UK worked closely with ReelWorld on his new Fuzion package: “ReelWorld does it again with a punchy, slick package that gets the cut through needed in 2017.”

Dan Hunt, Program Director at Power 96.1 (WWPW-FM) airs Fusion stateside in Atlanta.

Fuzion features the renowned musical composition and production talent behind ReelWorld Jingles and Production Vault. Their obsession with evolving the sound of radio led them to this new breakthrough in sonic branding.

Fuzion is now available for syndication around the world. To learn more go to reelworld.com/fuzion

Introducing Fuzion | As Heard on Power 96.1 Atlanta from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

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  1. February 24, 2019

    […] on from the massively successful Fuzion CHR volume 1 package, ReelWorld have launched a 20 theme update to their ground-breaking audio branding concept. […]

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