A Taste of TM EVO

The power to choose a unique sound for your station is in your hands. From the company that brought you the first ever updating jingle package, TMStudios have soft-launched TM EVO.

The ‘Dallas Sound’ has evolved to ‘World Sound’, as TMStudios now employs the best composers, producers and talent from around the globe to bring you fresh, modern and premiere jingles and branding elements unlike anything you’ve heard.

With TM EVO, you pick your vocal sound, your logo melody, your level of effects… you can even get STEM mixes of the tracks… all to make your branding custom-made for your audience.

JingleNews.com asked TM’s Creative Director, Ryan Drean, about the new service…

Thanks for reaching out on this! We are still pre-launch and gathering beta-level feedback. So I wont get too detailed yet. The marketing people get to do that soon. This is a big endeavor for TM. I believe what we’ve built will let people feel a lot different about the sound of their Jingles, the way they are delivered and the volume of content they receive. We did a lot of research and development ahead of this one. Programmers and Producers will feel like they’ve built something.

TM EVO will be available in three tiers. From a fully-produced 17-cut jingle package to a complete branding partnership with EVO’s Concierge Service, we’ve made EVO for everyone. For any need, at any budget, pick the Tier that’s right for you.

TM EVO Tiers

TM EVO Tiers

If you’re a CHR, AC, Hot AC, Country, Hot Country or Classic Hits station or just interested in playing with the jingle builder and listening to some new audio, check out tmevo.com to start mixing the sound of your next jingle package.

TM EVO is expected to continue the soft launch over the next few weeks and you can expect to hear from from the team behind TM EVO and radio station that will be running the jingles.

Here are some of the demo montages we generated from the site, there are more on soundcloud.com/jinglenews.

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