Introducing… Justice Music Branding

Justice Music Branding is a Radio Identification Music Production company based in New York City specializing in the creation of Idents, Jingles, Imaging syndication packages for radio and digital media.

Anthony James, creator of Justice, took several factors into consideration before his entrance with the new company in the world of jingles – “Is there space for our vision and what we do in terms of the music style and our concept in this changing turn that the global radio/media market has taken? The answer was clear when I took a closer look to the ‘jingle scene’. My initial reaction was that I couldn’t tell which work was produced from whom and how they differed as a sound aesthetic and production apart from maybe the work of two companies. It sounded more like a trend where everyone was copying each other and not in a good way. I do like trends and for sure I’m not someone who looks back to the ‘old days of radio’ making comparisons. Every radio network aims to compete in the market by creating their own sound and identity and stand out so while a trend is something new it certainly works against the goal. Every station moves towards the direction of the needs of their audience as far as playlist choices and creating their station identification sound relating it to both the songs they play and the sound their audience is after. Really…? Then why are they using bland wallpaper vocalists that suck all the passion and personality out of the room. If you actually *listen* to the songs you play then you’ll have noticed the energy and soul and passion they put into every performance. If you listen to Adele or Rihanna or Beyoncé, even Bieber, the songs they sing have big melodic structure and feeling and I can’t see that in the production of a lot of jingles. Audiences respond extremely well to ‘realness’ they know what’s real and what’s fake. When recording and mixing vocals I keep a lot of natural errors that tonally turn out to lift the part they’re singing and you get the genuine feeling of the singer. I certainly didn’t feel there was much diversity out there so all of the above convinced me that we should go for it! What’s great about being in New York is the incredible diversity of singers and musicians that not only inspire you to explore more creative ideas but also to go beyond your comfort zone for every time something new and innovative. My focus is to bring all these factors to our productions and I guess I wanted to show another side to me apart from the stuff you all know me for. We have taken on several writers, all of whom have great musical knowledge of music production and radio plus they know my background so well and what I’m aiming for… my first love is music, then radio and then… jingles.”

Justice Music Branding’s first package “Super Q” was created using the name, brand and slogans of Q Radio in Northern Ireland which AJ has had a working collaboration for some time now. Q radio was a great choice that gave the opportunity to explore the diversity that an AC package could have by injecting the adult sound with more contemporary elements and so pushing it forward musically further than what you might expect.

Justice is planning on releasing some innovative ideas in the realm of radio ID’s and later this month watch out for “RAMP-ZiLLAS”

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  1. Marius says:

    Na dann.. willkommen in den 90ern.. *hust*..

  2. Jingle Phanatic says:

    Worse then usual. And that’s saying something.

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