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Sonic Spring

Grand Prix Radio from Sonic Spring

Grand Prix Radio is one of the biggest online radio stations in Europe. Now, they have new jingles from Sonic Spring. These jingles come with Basic ID’s, Shotguns, Multiple mix outs, News and Traffic

Sonic Spring

Radio NL from Sonic Spring

For people who love Dutch music made in Holland, there’s Radio NL. The most listened to station in the popular schlager / entertainer music genre. Sonic Spring produced a custom package reflecting the music from their playlist, without sounding dull...


Reezom Image Radio 8

Radio 8 has just acquired brand new imaging. It contains a series of 5 packages and top schedules, means about fifty re-sung jingles. This is a musical subculture that allows this Radio Station to set up a customized signature sound,...

Spine Jingles

Legendary Radio Decibel makes the switch

One of the most legendary stations in Holland made the switch to Spine – and Spine are amazingly proud of it! Jean-Paul van Druten, Spine Jingles: “We wanted to reinforce Radio Decibel’s slogan “Join the Music”, by approaching their jingles...

Ignite Jingles

Ignite Creates Custom Jingles for Welsh Radio Network

Five radio stations across South and West Wales debuted a new custom jingle package from Ignite Jingles over the Summer. The jingles for Bridge FM, Swansea Bay Radio, Radio Carmarthenshire, Radio Pembrokeshire and Radio Ceredigion utilise a brand new sonic...

Top Format

JFK Radio Ibiza from Top Format

JFK Radio at The Balearic Islands is the new refreshing radio station, broadcasting live from Ibiza and Formentera. The Jazzy, Funky and Kool radio brand is transmitting on 105.2FM for the Ibiza and Formentera population and at 98.2 FM in...

Top Format

Paprika Tasty Radio – CHR Jingles 2016

Paprika Tasty Radio is The Netherlands newest radio brand. Broadcasting online and via tailored Apple and Android market apps, Paprika launched with a freshly colored brand identity. Besides these visual aspects, Top Format Productions in Haarlem (NL) is commissioned to...

Better Flow for Radio Eska, supported by Brandy

The YMUQ package from BRANDY JINGLES continues its international career. Following Belgium and The Netherlands, these extremely contemporary jingles can now be heard in Poland as well − Radio ESKA, the country’s largest CHR station, is airing its own versions...

Radio Fribourg

Fri Your Mind with PURE

The French part of Switzerland has a new sound, with PURE Jingles on the ‘Friquency’ of Radio Fribourg! The Italian Swiss call it ‘Friburgo’ and the Roman ones ‘Friburg’, while the German Swiss speak of ‘Freiburg’ and the French ones...

Brandy 'You make us Q'

The new Q jingles – a bold statement

Jingles that don’t sound like jingles, and whose sound is indistinguishable from the current hits − that’s how Brandy describe the new custom package they produced for Qmusic. The package features tracks with a seldom heard production value. Qmusic doesn’t...