Radio Jingles: 2008 Predictions for N2Effect

Radio Jingles: 2008 Predictions for N2Effect2007 has passed and it seemed like N2Effect weren’t producing any N2Effect jingle package last year. Or were they? When you visit the site you can only see 2006 N2Effect jingle packages like the Kiss Dallas v3.0, the Y100 Miami package and some resings. This 2008, based on some scientific hunches, radio imaging trends and upcoming and returning sound design technologies, I’ve made quite a few predictions for N2Effect and N2Effect jingles.

The year 2008 will be a not-so-busy year for N2Effect radio jingles especially with ReelWorld ONE and Kissville sharing the jingle imaging spotlight. Unless of course, N2Effect will join the two jingle giants in producing radio jingles that gets remixed every month. In all fairness to N2Effect, they can actually do a ReelWorld ONE or a Kissville especially with their experience in CHR radio jingle production, which is basically “loop-based production”.

We’ve always been wondering about this for years, but 2008 is not the year for AC N2Effect jingles. Not even country jingles. If N2Effect radio jingles will not be doing well this year, Cline and Valdez will most likely be focusing on production libaries. Their Production Pads have been very successful. They might as well give it a sequel this year and finally give Production Vault a good match.

Xtreme Kiss Dallas 2004 from N2 Effect Well, there goes our 2008 predictions for N2Effect and N2Effect radio jingles. Let us know what you think about this. In the meantime, enjoy this N2Effect radio jingles resing for RJR FM in Belguim. The Powerstation commissioned N2Effect in 2004 to image their station using the Extreme Kiss Dallas 2004. Also listen to RJR FM Powerstation liners voiced by Buffy Oneil and Mark Driscoll. (Liners and montage sourced at

N2Effect Kiss Dallas 2004 Resing for RJR FM

RJR FM Imaging Sample with VO by Buffy Oneil and Mark Driscoll

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