Kissville March Update

(Yes I know it’s a little late! – Paul)

hey guys,

Thought we’d get these jingles out to ya before easter kicks in!!! partly cos we think they rock, and also cos we want a long weekend haha!

FIRSTLY… welcome to some of the new guys to the gang. Howdy to Scott at KKPN Corpus Christi, Craig at Afan FM in Wales Europe, and then the two party stations in Illinois… hi Tara and Zach!!!!

Now… on to the audio for this month. We’ve got loud and cool, and also chilled and relaxed. Here goez…

THEME 31 >>> This is an acoustic-guitar led theme, ideal for Colby Callait, Taylor Swift, the chilled Fergie songs, that kinda stuff. Really useful for summer! All the usual mixes for you.

THEME 32 >>> This is inspired by Rihanna… Please Don’t Stop The Kissville! Loud beats and logos, and some kewl shorter edits of this one. Very Top 40!!!

CONTEST BED 6 >>> You get the best of both worlds with this phone-tone contest bed. we did one with loud beats and fx… and also a spooky suspense drone version. So whether you’re giving away hannah montana tickets all weekend, or youve got caller 100 lined up to win $50000, you’re covered! There’s a stab ending as well, for promos and stuff.

ALSO THIS MONTH >>> another production bed for your production director, and another three sweepIDs. we love the girl in sweepID15… YEAH BABY!!!

smoochie xx

Kissville March 2008 Update

PS great to see Young Guns joining kissville in some clusters! lemme know if you want to know more

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