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Big Band jingles for Radio Norge’s new morning show

Radio Norge, one of Norway’s national private stations, launched their brand new morning show “Morgenklubben” on Monday September 7th. To make sure that this show, loaded with news, music and entertainment, would have an absolutely spectacular sound, the station decided to order a custom made jingle package from SOB.

Sigurd Vedal, program director Radio Norge:
I am really happy with the package! It is exactly what we were looking for and we have also received A LOT of good feedback from listeners and business associates. GOOD WORK! 😀

Niklas Nordén, radio consultant and executive producer of Morgenklubben:
When creating Morgenklubben, the brand new national morning show on Radio Norge, we where looking for unique imaging. We wanted a big band sound, positive and energetic, but we were worried about how to get the authentic sound. SOB delivered that beyond our expectations!

This is not your average jingle package… This is the swingin’ and swayin’ SOB Big Band! Especially for this project, we put together a dedicated team of the best arrangers and musicians we could find and we had a Big Party in the SOB studio. And while we were busy composing their cuts, they also ordered a new news jingle…

“For more than a year, we have been trying to get a top-of-the-hour jingle that truly matches the stations sound and music format. We then asked SOB to give it a shot and we got what we wanted right away!”

The result? Just listen to a preview of the jingles and you’ll want to be a morning jock on Radio Norge!

Radio Norge Montage (copyright SOB Audio Imaging)

Temperatures keep rising in Spain!

It sounds like Spanish summers are getting hotter and hotter! And that’s got nothing to do with global warming – it’s the new Summer jingles that SOB created for Spain’s no. 1 music station Los 40 Principales, as a part of their annual jingle update plan. Although summer is coming to an end and we’re already thinking about the new Christmas jingles we thought it’d be nice to play these cuts for you.

Listen here to the Summer 2009 updates for Los 40 Principales!

Los 40 Principales Montage (copyright SOB Audio Imaging)

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