Wave 105’s 2010 Imaging from Music 4

Wave 105 in the South Coast of England have once again returned to Music 4 to freshen up their image. Just over 10 years ago, Music 4 created the launch package for Wave 105. Their long standing relationship with Wave 105 continues into 2010.

Their 2010 package contains six brand new jingles. All cuts are provided with alternative vocals for ‘Steve Power At Breakfast’ and this package further builds on Wave’s catchy sonic logo.

Wave 105 2010 from Music 4

Wave 105 1999 Launch Package from Music 4

In addition to a new package of jingles for January 2010, the team at Wave 105 also wanted to add some extra sparkle to the station’s ‘Golden Hour’ which plays a major role in the stations output running weekdays at 9am and 7pm (plus 9am weekend mornings).

This project gave Music 4 a perfect opportunity to delve into their archives where they rediscovered a package of jingles originally created for Capital Gold way back in May 2002. The tracks still sound great and are perfect for this project.

Wave 105 2010 The Golden Hour from Music 4

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