Jouw FM chooses Top Format

Top Format gave a multinational CHR/Hot AC sound to the new public local radio station Jouw FM based in and broadcasting to the popular beach area of Bloomingdale in The Netherlands.

After winning the national Cross-Media Broadcasting Award (NL), the possibilities under the 20 year old name of the former station were completely worn out. With the launch of Jouw FM the previous public service (named AB Radio) disappeared. The new name completes a new format, website, schedule and a tailored CHR/Hot AC jingle service of the TF creative team.

With over 100 mix outs (main station ID’s, shotgun versions, music beds, custom logo’s) the on air branding of Jouw FM remarkably showed off during the midnight launch at the first seconds of June 2012. TF recorded 2 crispy female vocalists, 2 weeks of dedicated mixing and an undefined amount of meetings at Bloomingdale beach.

Rene Ruurda (Program Director), Jouw FM: “Top Format perfectly translated our wishes to a strong logo and modern sound. We are very pleased with the result!”

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