Triple Kiss 2013 from ReelWorld

“After years of pleding, beging, teasing, screaming and crying, the wait is finally over. New CHR jingles have arrived!”

Just when you thought ReelWorld were all about ‘monthly jingle updates’ they unlease a brand new package called Triple Kiss. Some might say it’s 3 jingle packages in 1, others say it’s a jingle package with 3 different styles. You decide!

Triple Kiss is demo’d for KIIS FM Los Angeles, WXKS Kiss 108 Boston and WKSC 103-5 Kiss FM Chicago. Each station has their own unique vocal style and logo. ReelWorld are giving stations the choice the mix vocal styles with different logos.

Answers on a postcard for why they named the package “Triple Kiss 2013” (financial year perhaps?)

Download MP3 Triple Kiss 2013 from ReelWorld

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  1. September 25, 2014

    […] on the heels of Triple KIIS, ReelWorld’s KIIS 2015 package features the all-new sound of KIIS FM Los […]

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