HiFM – CHR imaging from AudioSweets ID

To celebrate HiFM’s 5th birthday they decided they wanted to revamp their imaging with an upfront imaging package that would vibrate around Oman and would seamlessly integrate with their playlist.

The new upfront sound of the station needed imaging that would allow them to glue it all together, giving their brand the ability to kick out in the market.

The package consists of collection of reworked cuts from the AudioSweets kmfm Extra imaging plus a stack of custom cuts.

From soft AC transitions to in your face CHR imaging; next time your station needs a refresh – go AudioSweets Imaging.

Let AudioSweets to trick out your station – email simon@s2blue.com or call +44 (0)1538 370 160.

Follow AudioSweets on Twitter @AudioSweets, @SimonPrentice, @RobWills1.

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