Rock Republic for Slovakia’s Rockova Republika from SOB

SOB’s Rock Republic package has been for Slovakia’s Rockova Republika, a rock station that plays mainstream rock, ranging from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Motorhead to Queen, Limp Bizkit and AC/DC. If there’s a heavily distorted guitar, they’ll play it!

The station needed a memorable sound logo that would help build the station’s brand image, without sounding like a cheesy jingle package.

SOB created long instrumental cuts that can be used as talk-over beds for the DJs and also created short imaging elements that, together with the station voice, are used for the general station imaging. Live drums, real guitars and bass guitars.

The result: the noisiest imaging package you’ve ever heard! Perfect for Rock formats but also for Sports or News stations that are targeted at a rock-loving audience!

“I told Hans and the guys at SOB they should form a rock band. And that’s what they did! The sound has awesome power and is full of energy. Perfect work – as always with SOB!”
– Martin Lengyel, Rockova Republika’s CEO

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