Authentic CHR jingles for B96

20 years after ReelWorld transformed the tired sound of traditional radio jingle packages, this is a new package for B96 in Chicago.

B96 2015 Jingles are as authentic as today’s CHR artists, which segue seamlessly between songs and brand the station without ever interrupting the flow.

ReelWorld’s Erik Huber, explains that they brought in brand new vocalists that they felt represented B96’s format. “What we found were singers that can hold their own against Rihanna and Chris Brown and convey the brand to the listener, capturing the spirit of the brand. It’s a short form format that glides into the song transition and keeps the listener in the flow of the music. Choose any song in your top 40 and you’ll find a jingle in the package that melds perfectly into the next song. This package slams home the brand and does it in a way that sounds like today. I don’t think we’ve ever had a jingle package that captures the moving target and nailing where CHR is.”

Todd Cavanah and Erik Bradley, B96 Program Director and Assistant Program Director/Music Director, are equally excited by their new jingles

“B96’s New Jingle Package from ReelWorld is without question the most sonically compatible pop radio jingle collection we’ve ever heard. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it weaves seamlessly in to the fabric of the station and are excited for everyone to hear it for themselves!”

Have a listen to the package in the clear at

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