Mellow Magic launches with Wise Buddah Jingles

Every now and then you get a job that you wish won't end, this was definitely one of those. It was such a pleasure to work with Matt, Dan and the team, great communicators and inherently musical themselves. Perfect!

— Jem Godfrey, Director, Wise Buddah Jingles

As part of Bauer Media’s rollout of 6 new stations as part of a digital multiplex, Wise Buddah produced 7 new custom themes for Mellow Magic, the new national DAB station, which launches today.

The new beds will accompany the existing wider Magic Radio main station sound which was produced by Wise Buddah for the National Magic Radio Network in 2015.

Matt Clark, Head of Production, Magic Radio: “What I love most about working with Wise Buddah is the relationship we get with the people actually doing the work. There’s no issue with ‘lost in translation’; we get what we’re really after because we’re working closely with composers and producers every step of the way.

Jem has really captured the spirit of what Mellow Magic is musically all about, and given us a great suite of themes and idents that will give us masses of flexibility on-air. Real instruments, beautiful composition – these are exactly what we wanted”

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  1. John macleod says:

    I could not listen to the jingle extract which saddens me somewhat not to mind worse things happen at sea

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