Brandy Goes Classic for Musiq’3

A grand symphonic orchestra featuring 80 musicians performing beautiful classical music in one of Belgium’s most stunning concert halls. That’s the summary of one of the most remarkable radio imaging projects of 2016. The sonic rebrand of Musiq’3 was not only the largest production of the year, it was also the very first time a jingle package has been produced for the public broadcaster RTBF’s classical radio station. The package will enhance Musiq’3’s positioning as a contemporary, modern station that appeals to a broad audience.

For the first time in its history, Musiq’3 called on an external partner to produce its network design. Following extensive market consultation, Brandy was selected. Its vision and expertise in radio station branding made the difference.

It’s a first for Brandy too because this is the Brussels based jingle producer’s first ever classical package.

Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director: “As a classical musician, I’ll happily admit a project like this is like a dream come true. We’re extremely proud and honored that we could have this Musiq’3 package performed by the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra. Even more so because the recordings took place in the legendary Studio 4 concert hall at the Flagey building in Brussels.

Of course, producing a classical package with 10 very different sounding tracks is poles apart from producing pop jingles. It calls for a very different approach and much more preparation. But the purpose is pretty much the same: the jingles should brand the station and help to create flow. ”

“Musiq’3’s jingles are the icing on the cake after a very special jingle year,” says Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s Managing Director. “We have never before produced so many custom-made jingles for both public and commercial broadcasters. It illustrates my team’s versatility and the highest standards that it maintains for every format.”

The jingles were extremely well-received by the station and its listeners. Laetitia Huberti, Director Musiq’3: “We want to use this sound design to reinforce our objective of making classical music accessible. This music throws the windows open wide yet has all the credibility that traditional classical music lovers expect.”

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