AudioSweets ID Q1 2017 Showcase

At AudioSweets they’re all about making sure make their clients sound amazing on air – from Pick’N’Mix pop imaging library, to ASID Jingles.

Recently they have been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of stations covering a multitude of formats; from the CHR sound of kmfm, to the uplifting UCB stations & everything in-between. They have created packages that reflect the brands and seamlessly fit with the sound of the station with jingles that stand up to the playlists.

Here’s highlights of the recent packages they have been working on – kmfm, Original 106, Spirit FM, Lincs FM and Christian Radio jingles. Like what you hear? Contact AudioSweets by email or call +44 (0)161 905 2662.

AudioSweets ID is the custom imaging arm of AudioSweets. Their jingle/ID packages cover every format from CHR imaging to AC jingles. The team include experienced composers, producers and singers who between them have created thousands of jingles for every type of project. They offer custom jingle packages and syndicated re-sings.

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